Terms and Conditions

General conditions and terms of use policy for POR.Nz.

Thank you for reading our terms of use for website users and visitors.
This policy covers the use of the free URL shortener service, Premium short URL purchases and the use thereof, and general use and viewing of this website.
By using the URL shortener in any way, or continuing to view any page of this website constitutes acceptance of these terms.
If you do not accept any of these terms of use, you must cease using or accessing this website immediately.
These terms operate in conjunction with our privacy policy and cookie policy.


1. Who We Are.
2. Using the POR.Nz URL Shortener.

– 2a. By using our service you agree:
– 2b. Prohibited uses of the URL shortener service.
– 2c. Enforcement actions.
– 2d. Fair use.
3. Copyright.
4. General Website Terms.
– 4a. When viewing or using our website you may:
– 4b. You may not:
– 4c. Prohibited uses of the website.
– 4d. Ad-blockers.
5. User Generated Content.
6. Links to and from the Website.
– 6a. Linking to this website.
– 6b. Links from this website.
7. Registration.
8. Interacting with POR.Nz Short URLs.
9. Disclaimers.
10. User Indemnity.
11. Limitation of Liability.
12. Competitions.
13. Variation of Terms.
14. Legal.

1. Who We Are.

POR.Nz is a website owned and operated in the UK by P14 Media, (throughout this policy referred to as “POR.Nz”, “por.nz”, “pornz”, “this website”, “the website”, or “our website”.
P14 Media is a digital media, online services and management company based in the United Kingdom (throughout this policy referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, and “the company”). We provide websites and online services globally, but are mainly subject to UK laws due to our physical location. We also comply with relevant European Union and United States laws and regulations where possible and when necessary for our company’s legal operation and access to our websites within these territories.
In the rare instance that an EU or US regulation conflicts with a UK regulation, then the UK regulation will apply.

2. Using the POR.Nz URL Shortener.

The use of our URL shortening service is strictly subject to the following terms and conditions which apply to both free and premium users.

2a. By using our service you agree:

  1. By clicking the ‘Shorten’ button on our free URL shortener you are opting-in and confirming your acceptance of these terms and conditions in full, as well as your acceptance and understanding of our privacy policy, cookie policy, and copyright policy.
  2. To use the service to shorten links to your own content, profiles, or any third party content where doing so does not violate these terms, the terms of the website being shortened and shared, or the terms of the website or domain host where the short link will be shared.
  3. The sharing of POR.Nz short links is done so entirely at your own risk.
  4. We will be held in no way responsible for any loss, third party account suspension, termination or other action taken against you, resulting from sharing POR.Nz short links on any website, server or social media network which forbids adult content.
  5. To use the service to shorten as many long URLs as you wish in line with the fair use section of this policy.
  6. To create short links to sign up forms or login pages only with adequate explanation on the page regarding the purpose of the form or data collection.
  7. To create short links to pages which collect data in any way, only where such data collection is in line with GDPR guidelines.
  8. To not include POR.Nz short links in any form of non GDPR compliant communication. (ie. Marketing emails that have not been opted in to and do not contain an unsubscribe link).
  9. To not share POR.Nz links on any website hosted in any country which bans the viewing of internet pornography.
  10. To not attempt to shorten URLs with existing redirects.
  11. To not add POR.Nz short links to other URL shorteners in an attempt to create nested redirects.
  12. To not use our service to shorten any URL which is prohibited in section 2b.
  13. When you use the URL shortener your IP address will be logged in our secure system, in line with our privacy policy, for the purpose of law enforcement reporting ONLY if a serious violation of these terms occurs.
  14. To not shorten links while browsing the internet anonymously, or from behind any kind of proxy.
  15. That we may use any content on pages your shortened link points to in the promotion of your link only. (For instance, in writing a post which includes your short URL, we may also use images or logos from your page in the post). This usage applies to the promotion of your POR.Nz link on this website, our social media channels and any other website we own or use for promoting our services and users.
    We only use the content in the promotion of the link you created in a legitimate attempt to generate more traffic for your link, and subsequently, your website, page or content.
    We will not use your content in general advertising or service promotion without your permission, nor will we use content from third party links you have shortened, but do not own the rights to.
    This term is in conjunction with our privacy policy and copyright policy.

2b. Prohibited uses of the URL shortener service.

Using our service in any prohibited way will result in action as outlined in section 2c.
Short links are prohibited if they point to any website or page which is, does or contains the following:

  1. Phishing.
  2. Spam of any kind (Including pages containing nothing but adverts such as banner farms, pages which create excessive pop-ups, and pages which hijack the back button or employ other malicious tactics to prevent users from leaving the page).
  3. Any form of redirect other than from the POR.Nz short link to the final full URL. Including hidden and manual redirects, such as pages containing no real content other than user clickable buttons which eventually redirect users to further URLs.
  4. Unexplained or non GDPR compliant email requests, sign up forms, login pages, competitions, questionnaires or surveys.
  5. Pages or websites containing no real content and/or those which hide their identity or ownership by omitting or hiding legal, contact, terms, privacy, or other identifying information details or pages.
  6. Hosting or promotion of pirated or stolen content, warez, malware, spyware, computer viruses, malicious scripts, hacking, or any other electronic activity illegal under UK or US law.
  7. The sale or promotion of weaponry, drugs, stolen goods or anything legal but which does not fit with the purpose of this service, (ie. children’s or family websites).
  8. The sale or promotion of medicines, cures or treatments of any kind for any reason. Including homeopathy, any other alternative therapy, libido enhancers, erectile dysfunction treatments, penis or breast enhancers and any kind of cosmetic treatment.
  9. Dating, hookup, escorting or swingers websites and profiles. Including the promotion of such sites.
    Unfortunately at this time, this includes links to Adultwork.
    This is to ensure our URL and shortening service is not blocked in territories that prohibit solicitation and to abide with the terms of use of our server providers.
  10. Other URL shorteners.
  11. The promotion of chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of business opportunity solicitation.
  12. Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency promotions, service or discussion.
  13. Anything other than a standard https or http final URL. (We DO NOT allow protocols other than http or https to be shortened.)
    The system will automatically reject other protocols. For example non of the following will be accepted:
    mailto: ftp: facetime: skype: feed: news: ed2k: magnet: lastfm: spotify: mms: irc: javascript: data: about: chrome: onion:.
  14. Faeces pornography (scat).
  15. Racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, or other forms of hate speech and discrimination. Including websites, groups, or organisations which hold these views, carry out or support hate crimes (as defined under UK law), their logos or symbols, and the denial of historic or contemporary hate crimes.
  16. Abuse or the encouragement of violence aimed at a specific individual or group.
  17. Pages hosted in, China, North Korea, or any country where hosting online pornography is illegal. (This is to partly to protect against spam, partly to protect us from foreign legal issues, and partly because we do not support countries which attempt to censor their citizens in this way). A list of such countries can be found here.
  18. Images or videos featuring gore, non-consensual violence, war, terrorism (including symbolism relating to terrorist organisations) or real medical procedures.
  19. Pages containing stolen passwords, or the use of our service in any way which attempts to circumvent the login, paywall or registration area of another website.

Links containing the following, either real or edited in such a way that is indistinguishable from reality, may also be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies if deemed serious enough:

  1. Underage pornography, (under 18), CSAM.
  2. Beastiality.
  3. Snuff or necrophilia.
  4. Rape or other non-consensual acts, including acts made to appear non-consensual such as being drunk, high, asleep or hypnotised.
  5. Pornography involving weapons of any kind, except for background props.
  6. Bloodletting, self harm or acts resulting in physical injury.
  7. Real torture techniques. ie. waterboarding.
  8. Non-consensual public acts, ie. upskirting, hidden changing room cameras etc.
  9. Revenge porn, or anything which personally identifies somebody without their consent.
  10. Pornography which alters the appearance of a participant to look like somebody else without their consent or the consent of the depicted person, such as deepfakes or AI generated content.
  11. The publishing of personal details of pornstars or other sex workers, including but not limited to, real names, physical addresses (both residential and business), phone numbers and email addresses. Or any other information which could threaten the safety of such people.

You can report links which violate these conditions using the flagging report system at por.nz/abuse or by emailing [email protected].

The following is prohibited where a country or territory requires age verification to view pornographic content:

  1. Attempting to use POR.Nz short links to bypass any properly implemented age verification technology where the final URL is accessible in such countries or territories.

2c. Enforcement actions.

In the event you breach these terms by using our service in a prohibited manner, either by adding links which contravene section 2b, or conducting any other activity on any part of this website which this complete policy forbids, then we reserve the right to take action as outlined below.

  1. Any links reported by users through our abuse system will be flagged for review.
  2. Flagged links will display a warning to those clicking the link until either further action is taken or the flag is dismissed.
  3. The flagged link will give users the option to ignore the warning and proceed to the final URL. We will not be held responsible in any way should you exercise this option.
  4. Flagged links will display the concerns of the reporting user, as written by them when the link was flagged. (These views will be those of the reporting user and in no way those of POR.Nz or P14 Media).
  5. URLs will be deleted from the database for any breach of these terms whatsoever. (Short URLs will then redirect to the free shortener frontpage or a warning page instead at our discretion).
  6. We are under no obligation to warn or notify free users of any URL removal, the reasons for a removal or any other enforcement action taken.
  7. Links containing phishing may be reported to legal authorities and to anti-phishing services such as Phishtank.
  8. Links containing spam may be reported to relevant spam tracking and reporting services such as Project Honeypot.
  9. Premium link users will be informed of any abuse report relating to their links within 14 days of the flag and of any outcome.
  10. Premium link users will not be informed of any personal details of users who flag their links and will have no rights to this information for any reason.
  11. Premium link users will be informed if we find they have breached any terms and given the opportunity to explain or appeal our decision within 7 days of being informed.
  12. Premium links in breach of these terms will be deleted if no explanation or appeal is received within 7 days.
  13. We will not inform premium users of reports, investigates or link deletion in the case of serious breaches. (Those covered under 2b 20 to 30).
  14. Premium users will NOT be entitled to any refund (either upfront fees or monthly subscription fees) in the case of URL deletion for violating these terms and conditions.
  15. Both free and premium users may be blocked from further accessing our services, by way of IP blocking, email address blacklisting or any other method we see fit.
  16. Links violating serious terms (2b 20 to 30) may be reported to UK and US law enforcement agencies without warning.
  17. Links violating serious terms (2b 20 to 30) may be reported to local law enforcement agencies in your country of residence without warning.
  18. Links reported to law enforcement agencies for serious violations may include your IP address if requested. We will not share your IP address for any other reason in line with our privacy policy.
  19. Links containing child sexual abuse will also be reported to services such as Inhope and The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP).

2d. Fair use.

To use our free URL shortening service fairly in a way which does not adversely impact other users, you agree to the following fair use conditions.

  1. You will not shorten any more than 5 links in any 1 hour period.
  2. You will not shorten any more than 50 links in any 24 hour period.
  3. Violation of these limits will result in the removal of all links submitted from your IP address.
  4. You will not, under any circumstances, send fake traffic to POR.Nz short links, including bot traffic or any other form of paid for link or traffic service. All traffic must be organically and naturally generated and consist entirely of human users.
    Users suspected of sending fake and bot traffic to POR.Nz links will be blocked from further access to the service and have all links removed.
  5. To protect the quality of links in our database and to reduce unnecessary database queries, links will be removed if less than ten clicks are received within 24 hours of a link being created.
  6. Links may also be considered dead, and removed from the database if no further clicks are received within a one year period of the last click, (regardless of total click numbers), for the same reasons as stated above.

(Please also read our copyright policy).

Copyright issues on this website may relate to short links or content hosted.

  1. Short Links: POR.Nz does not host and has no control over copyright infringements on any site or page which a user created short link redirects to.
    Links which seriously infringe copyright laws may still be removed from our database under certain circumstances. Such as those which violate the terms of use above.
    You may flag the link with your concerns using por.nz/abuse. For more information see our copyright policy.
  2. All content on this website, is either owned by POR.Nz, P14 Media, included with the permission of the copyright holder, included under creative commons or other free to use licence, included as per term 2a-15 and our copyright policy, or included and used under UK fair dealing laws. This includes but may not be limited to, written content, images, videos, logos, and site design features.
    If you feel your content has been used on this website without appropriate permission please contact us by following the information on our copyright policy.
  3. As a user of this website and our service, you agree to not shorten any URL which infringes the copyright of a legitimate content creator.

4. General Website Terms.

4a. When viewing or using our website you may:

  1. Download a single copy of individual website pages to your own personal computer for private offline viewing. This only includes pages and posts on this supporting website. (Those which include /site/ in the URL).
  2. Print single copies of webpages for personal viewing or your own private personal records.
  3. Use excerpts from our website for linking purposes, or for anything considered ‘fair use’ under US law or ‘fair dealing’ under UK law.
  4. Download and share original images and videos found on our website with our prior permission only (by emailing [email protected] with your request) and by including appropriate credit and a link to the original content or this website as we see fit.
    Please be aware we may not be the copyright holder of content found on this website, so may be unable to provide permission.
    In such cases, we may direct you to the legitimate copyright holder.

4b. You may not:

  1. Download, copy or distribute any material found on this website for any business or commercial use, without our prior consent in writing.
  2. Include our content (including logos) in any photography, filming or broadcast without our prior consent in writing.
  3. Alter or otherwise modify the pages of this website without prior consent for any reason.
  4. Use any content from our site without proper credit being given if consent was obtained.
  5. Embed or otherwise link to any content, in such a way that results in the use of the website’s bandwidth, for any reason including fair use.
  6. Download any part of this website which does not include /site/ in the URL (such as the shortener pages), or any shop, commerce or payment pages, even for personal viewing purposes.
  7. Attempt to download more than a single page for any reason.
  8. Upload to any website or service or otherwise share in anyway pages or other content downloaded without prior permission.

4c. Prohibited uses of the website.

These are strictly prohibited activities when viewing or otherwise using this website and it’s services.
These terms apply to both short URLs and content uploaded to pages or posts if allowed to do so.
You agree not to use this website in the following ways:

  1. To create a database electronically or not, and either online or not that includes material obtained from the website without our prior permission. This includes information contained in any POR.Nz page, post or database, (including short links).
  2. To place advertising or spam on the website through comments, user generated content or otherwise.
  3. To use the website, it’s content or identity to promote or encourage the sale of your products or services in any way, expect for the sharing of POR.Nz short links.
  4. To place links on the website to other external websites which contain material considered illegal under UK law.
  5. To place any links on the website which can take users to harmful content.
  6. To place links on the website to, or to attempt to spread through our website, viruses, spam, spyware, or any other form of malware.
  7. To use our comments or user generated content features to promote chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other form of solicitation.
  8. To upload to the website any code, files or programs without explicit prior permission.
  9. To upload to the website any material which infringes upon the copyrights of third parties.
  10. To upload to the website, or link to any material which is threatening, or otherwise offensive to us, our users, or any individual or group.
  11. To upload any content which infringes on the privacy of other individuals without their consent.
  12. To upload any content which may damage the reputation or call into question the integrity of POR.Nz, P14 Media, any of our websites, brands or employees.
  13. Attempt to circumvent any rules of entry for any competition or promotion.
  14. Attempt to gain access to unauthorised areas of the website for any reason.
  15. Use the website in a manner that could cause damage to the website, it’s services, or impair it’s performance or availability for other users.
  16. Conduct any data mining activities on or through the website including POR.Nz short links, and/or users, automated or otherwise, without our explicit prior permission.
  17. Download, exploit or otherwise use any visible data on the website, including user names, for any kind of direct marketing.
  18. To attempt to hack, modify or otherwise interfere with the e-commerce systems on this website. Any such attempts will be reported to UK law enforcement.
  19. To use false information or otherwise mislead us or our systems when contacting us for legal, copyright, abuse reporting or any other reason.
  20. To use false information or otherwise mislead us or our systems when registering a premium URL, setting up an account or otherwise using our e-commerce systems.
  21. To not use our e-commerce system in any way with a payment method not registered in your own name and current address.
  22. To not maliciously report and flag valid short links as being in breach of these terms. To do so may result in the blacklisting of your IP address.
  23. To not repeatedly report and flag short links which we have previously investigated and found to be legitimate. To do so may result in the blacklisting of your IP address.

4d. Ad-blockers.

Some ad-blockers use overly simplified methods to identify adverts and may also block essential functions required for our service to operate correctly.
If you encounter any errors when using our service, your first step should be to deactivate all ad-blockers.
Additionally, advertising supports the financial needs of POR.Nz and allows us to provide a free service to end users. For these reasons the following terms apply to all users.

  1. We offer no guarantee regarding the correct functioning of our URL shortener, website or any other service should you attempt to use our website or services with ad-blocking software activated.
  2. We reserve the right to block access to our website and services to users who repeatedly access them while running ad-blocking software. Or those who attempt to circumvent any method we use to fund our services in any other way.
  3. The terms in this section will also apply to any other form of software, script or browser which modifies any visual aspect or operational function of our service or website in a way which was not intended by us.

5. User Generated Content.

This section applies to freelance or third party content creators only, who we have allowed to post guest content on our blog.
It does not apply to advertisers or link creators.

In the event we allow you permission to upload your own content to this website, you will be doing so under the following terms:

  1. The content you upload is free from any kind of commercial intention which we have not been made aware of in advance, and does not include anything prohibited in section 4.
  2. You can confirm you are free to upload the content as you are the sole creator and copyright owner of the content at the time of the upload.
  3. By uploading content you agree to granting POR.Nz and P14 Media the right to use the content in full or part, for any purpose without limitation. Including editing, copying, reproducing, translating, removing from the website, uploading to another website, (both our own and those belonging to third parties), and using in marketing campaigns of any nature.
  4. You agree to hereby waive any moral rights that you may have under chapter IV of the copyright, design and patents act 1988, in respect to the content you upload. (Ie. We will not be required to identify you as the copyright holder in our use of the content).
  5. You agree that if the copyright of your uploaded content is called into question, we may ask for information to determine if you are the correct copyright holder and you will respond to any such query within 7 days.
  6. You agree that we may review, move or delete any content you upload without the need to provide reason. This includes the alteration of associated URLs, hyperlinks or metadata.
  7. You agree that any comments, opinions or statements you upload are yours and yours alone and do not constitute the opinions of POR.Nz or our company.
  8. You understand and agree to our zero tolerance policy regarding the uploading of prohibited content as outlined in section 4, including any form of hate speech. In these cases, we reserve the right to remove your content and block you from further access to this, and any of our other websites without warning or reason being given.

6a. Linking to this website.

You may link to this website and it’s pages or posts subject to the following conditions:

  1. You will not embed our content in your website, or create frames or other browser environments around our content.
  2. Your links will be in the form of basic hyperlinks only and will not contain any form of redirect or link modification other than POR.Nz short links.
  3. Any hyperlink text will be relevant to the content you are linking to and in no way offensive or derogatory to us, our website, company or others.
  4. You will not imply an endorsement or commercial relationship with us unless one actually exists, or misrepresent your relationship with us in any other way.
  5. You will not use any logos or trademarks in your links unless with prior written permission.
  6. You will not link to us from any website you do not own, with the exception of social media sites or other sites on which you have permission to upload content. In which case you will not link to us from any profile, page or account which is not yours.
  7. You will not link to us if your website contains content that would be considered illegal under UK law or would violate any term in section 4 if uploaded to this site directly.

Links from this website in posts and pages are included with the following conditions which you agree to and understand.
This section does not apply to user generated POR.Nz short links.

  1. All external links are for information purposes only and inclusion on our websites does not imply any kind of endorsement or promotion unless explicitly stated.
  2. Some links may be included due to commercial arrangements. These links may involve tracking cookies for advertising or affiliate marketing purposes. Please read our cookie policy for more details.
  3. By including links we are not, and can not, guarantee the safety of any websites owned and operated by any third party. It is your responsibility to ensure you are happy following any links and once away from our website, to ensure you are still browsing in a safe environment.
  4. We can not guarantee the security of your data on any external site we may link to and suggest you read in full the privacy policy of any other site we may link to.

7. Registration.

This website may allow you to create a user account when purchasing Premium URLs or advertising services. If you do so, you agree to and understand our privacy policy as well as the following conditions.

  1. You will provide true, accurate and current information when registering your account.
  2. You will maintain and update your information when necessary and if possible within self service account areas.
  3. You will not share or otherwise divulge your allocated or chosen username and password and will ensure it is kept secure at all times.
  4. You will not create multiple or duplicate user accounts.
  5. You will inform us as soon as possible if you suspect your login details have been compromised or there has been unauthorised access to your account.
  6. You will log out of your account when not in use.
  7. You agree that POR.Nz and P14 Media is not liable and can not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or costs due to a failure to comply with these terms.

8. Interacting with POR.Nz Short URLs.

If you click, follow or otherwise interacted with any POR.Nz short URL, you do so under the following terms.

  1. You understand POR.Nz short URLs are created and used by individuals and companies that are in no way connected to POR.Nz or P14 Media by means of a public interface.
  2. By clicking short URLs certain details may be collected such as IP address, referring URL and country location for statistic reporting purposes. The collection of this data is in line with our privacy policy No personally identifying data will be visible to users of our service.
  3. POR.Nz short URLs may redirect to the original URL via interstitial warning pages which may contain advertising, will be time limited, skippable or both.
  4. We make efforts to only display advertising from providers who comply with strict policies content, which mirror the conditions of use in these terms for creating links.
    However we can not be held responsible for the content of individual ads, or the content of the pages to which they direct as this can be changed after our review process.
    We strongly advise all users to exercise caution and common sense when clicking on adverts.
    If you are concerned about the content of any advert please contact us. If we find an advert is in breach of our terms it will be removed.
  5. You will flag any short URLs you think are in violation of these terms using the form at por.nz/abuse.
  6. POR.Nz does not endorse or otherwise support the content of any website linked to by means of a POR.Nz short URL.
  7. We can not guarantee the accuracy, safety or legitimacy of any page or site linked to via a POR.Nz short URL.
  8. We can not guarantee the security of your data on any page or site linked to via a POR.Nz short URL.
  9. We are not liable in any way for damages or loss resulting from visiting a page or website linked to via a POR.Nz short URL or advert displayed when following POR.Nz links.
  10. It is your individual responsibility to ensure you and your data are safe online when visiting websites linked to via POR.Nz.
  11. We can not guarantee the legality of any page or site linked to via a POR.Nz short URL and accept no responsibility for any legal action which may result from visiting such links.
  12. If a link containing illegal content based on UK, EU or US law is discovered, it is your responsibility to discontinue viewing the content immediately and report the link to us using the form at por.nz/abuse.
  13. We use multiple methods to protect our short URLs and their users from viruses or other malicious content. However, you agree that you are personally responsible for virus and spyware prevention when clicking a POR.Nz short URL. For instance, by the proper use of up-to-date anti virus software. We do not accept liability, for any damage caused by viruses or other malicious code originating from websites linked to by POR.Nz short URLs.

9. Disclaimers.

  1. This website and it’s associated services are provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis and without warranty of any kind. We do not accept liability arising from any interruptions in availability, errors, or delays whilst using our website or URL shortening service.
  2. We reserve the right to suspend access to the website, without notice in the case of system failures, essential maintenance, repair or any other reason we see fit.
  3. We reserve the right to suspend POR.Nz short URLs, both free and premium, and associated redirects without notice in the case of system failures, for essential maintenance, database repair, or serious security reasons.
  4. While we aim for maximum uptime for your short URLs we offer no set guarantee regarding a percentage of time which your link will be live and accessible.
  5. While we endeavour to ensure all content and materials we publish on our pages and posts are accurate and complete, all published materials are provided for general information purposes only. No published material should be taken as personal advice or recommendation. We do not accept liability for any loss or penalty resulting from the use of material on our website.
    Published content should not be used to make any investment, business or personal decisions and you acknowledge professional advice should be obtained before making such decisions.
  6. The content and information on this website, whether provided by third parties or internal staff members, does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of P14 Media, our brands or associated businesses.
  7. You accept and understand that some content may have been generated or uploaded by third parties, and the accuracy of such content may not have been checked. We accept no liability for any inaccuracy or omission in information provided on the website or published materials.
  8. We use all reasonable methods to protect our content and users from viruses or other malicious content. However, you agree that you are personally responsible for checking all materials and content you may have contact with on our website. For instance, by the proper use of up-to-date anti virus software. We do not accept liability, for any damage caused by viruses or other malicious code originating from this website.
  9. P14 Media will not be liable for any damages or loss resulting from any contract entered into, arising from, or facilitated through the use of any of our websites or published materials.
  10. We do not accept liability for any problems experienced on websites linked to POR.Nz through advertising, and any complaints regarding such websites should be directed to the website in question.
  11. If we feel you have violated any of the terms set out in this policy, we reserve the right to cancel, suspend or block your access from this and all other websites owned and operated by P14 Media at any time and without notice.
  12. We will not be held responsible for any typographic, spelling or grammatical errors in this, or any of our other policies, including our privacy policy and any competition or purchase terms and conditions. All terms and clauses shall remain valid regardless of such mistakes if the mistake does not detract from the basic understanding of the term or clause.
  13. We reserve the right to cancel your entry into any competition, or to cancel any purchase order, without refund or compensation being due, if we feel you have violated any of the terms in this policy.

10. User Indemnity.

Without prejudice to the provisions in clause 9.11, as a user of our website and it’s associated services, you agree to compensate P14 Media in respect of any loss, damage, claims, expenses, and/or liabilities including legal fees, which arise from the malicious or careless use of this website, its content, materials, properties or URL shortening service. Including but not limited to the breach of any terms, conditions or clauses in this or any other POR.Nz policy.

11. Limitation of Liability.

POR.Nz and P14 Media will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by POR.Nz, P14 Media, our employees or contractors under the following conditions:

  1. There is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by P14 Media, our employees or contractors.
  2. Such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach.
  3. Any increase in loss or damage resulting from your own actions before or after the breach.

12. Competitions.

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