About POR.Nz

Have adult content to share?
Then you’re in the right place.
Because when it comes to URLs… Size matters!

POR.Nz is a free, reliable and secure URL shortener designed exclusively for use with adult content.

The POR.Nz Difference

Promoting adult content, can be difficult.
Platforms turn you away, or delete accounts even when following their rules.
It can be a constant exhausting battle.

URL shorteners are a prime example of this excessive censorship culture amongst tech companies.
A vital tool for sharing links online, yet one which adult webmasters struggle to find.

Until Now!

Our Highlights

  • PORN… Right there in the URL.

    Increasing the visibility of your link while targeting the right audience, with easily, the best looking adult focused short URLs.

  • Free and Convenient.

    No account needed. No login required.
    Just paste the long link in, and get the short link back.

    If you would like to view the stats for your link, that’s not a problem.
    Just add a + the end of your short URL.

  • Secure and Reliable.

    We use multiple automated and human systems to keep our service safe, spam free, and away from any blocklist.

    Unlike vb.ly which was removed from the internet against its will by a censoring government, or popular mainstream shorteners such as bit.ly, we don’t use the TLD of a country with strict censorship laws.
    In the examples above… that’s Libya.

    We’re here for the long term, and are securing our future (and the future of your links) by only operating under the laws of free and democratic countries.

    We’re based in the UK, with European and American servers, and our TLD is that of New Zealand.

    This means no worries your short links will stop working because a porn intolerant government shuts us down for not following their laws.

  • Ethical and Proactive.

    It’s vital that our service remains operational and unlisted on any harmful website blocklists.

    Therefore, we won’t sit back and let abuse run free on our service.
    We have strict rules on prohibited content which can not be linked to, focused heavily on illegal content, abusive content and spam.

    Links which violate our terms are removed without warning to protect the integrity of the service and our URL.

    We encourage all users to help, by reading our terms and using our abuse system.

    We’re the only URL shortener which uses RTA label to rate itself, (and it’s links), as being suitable for adults only.
    Links also redirect via a warning page, of potential adult content ahead.

    What this means for you is trust!

    Trust that our system is safe and legitimate means your users will be more likely to trust your POR.Nz links and click them with confidence.
    It also means your links will work and won’t be blocked by spam or dangerous content filters.

Thank you for using our system, we hope you enjoy it.

Click here for the FREE POR.Nz Adult URL Shortener, and create your own short links.

Want to know more?
Click here for our FAQ page.

* The free URL shortener allows you to create as many short URLs as you need, subject to generous fair use terms.
Our running costs are supported by interstitial advertising on the adult content warning page.