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All reported links will be checked by an administrator and deleted if a violation is confirmed.

Reported URLs will be flagged automatically until reviewed.

Enter ONLY the URL short code. Example: For the URL https://POR.Nz/123456 - You would enter 123456.
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Used only if we require further information regarding your report, and deleted after the report is reviewed.

Information and Disclaimer

The text you enter in the 'Reason' box will be visible to other users on the flagged link warning page. It is your resonsibility to not enter personal information in this box.
Your email address will not be visible and will remain confidential in line with our privacy policy.
By submitting a report you are confirming your acceptance and understanding of our privacy policy and this disclaimer.
Your email address is used only if we need to contact you regarding the flagged link, and is removed from our systems as soon as the link is reviewed.

Reported links will be flagged automatically, and intercepted with a warning page for further users.
Flagged links are reviewed by an administrator before being removed or unflagged.

Submitting a report does not mean a link will be removed, only that we will investigate the link before making our own decision.

We are under no obligation to update you regarding the status of your report or to provide reasons for our final decision.

If we unflag a reported URL and you feel this is a mistake, you can contact us using the details on our contact page.

Warning: Repeated reporting of legitimate links, or the same link once unflagged, is a violation of our terms and may result in the blacklisting of your IP address.

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